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(All information and pictures taken from the BlueVelo.com website as well as the Velomobiel.nl website - information correct as of Mar 17, 2012)

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Designed by Velomobiel.nl the Quest is, quite simply, a human powered rocket that seems to defy the laws of physics.

Taking advantage of wind tunnel testing, the Quest's aerodynamic body maximizes the speed that can be achieved under pedal power, far exceeding what is possible on an upright road, or even time trial bike. At the same time its full suspension provides a remarkably smooth ride and drum brakes coupled with a drive train that is isolated from the elements ensures minimal maintenance requirements. Its fairing and kayak-style foam skirt shields the rider from the elements and allows you to ride in comfort through the rain and the cold.

This is the evolution of the bicycle.

Will you be one of the lucky few to call a Quest your own?

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                          Base Price:    $7,950 CDN 

                         (photo above includes lighting options, seat cushion and wheel covers)

Technical specifications

Length - 112 in (9.3 ft)
Width - 30 in
Height - 34 in
Weight - 76 lbs ready-to-ride, including battery (yellow body)
Weight (Carbon Quest) - less than 66 lbs ready-to-ride, including battery (yellow body)
Turning Circle - 36 ft (depending on front tyre size)
Seat Angle - 35-40° (adjustable)


 Standard Features:  
  • Full suspension
  • Sturmey Archer 70mm drum brakes
  • Jagwire Ripcord brake cable housing
  • Custom Triple front crank (53/42/30)
  • 9 speed Shimano rear cassette (11-28/32/34)
  • SRAM Grip Shift (Attack)
  • Shimano M324 pedals
  • Drive system completely isolated from the elements
  • Monocoque design
  • White or Yellow gelcoat (for carbon model also Orange, Red, Blue or two tone)
  • Schwalbe Kojaks (fr.)/ Marathon Supreme (rear)
  • Kayak style cockpit cover 

Available options

  • Lighting package     (front/rear/interior light/ composite "dash"/ 12V power)    $545
  • Turn Signals/Hazards/Running lights     (requires base lighting package)   $295
  • Cateye Strada wireless computer              $85
  • Brake light     (as addition to base lighting)        $65
  • Electric Horn    (as addition to base lighting)      $75
  • Second Mirror                                      $35
  • Fabric Wheel Covers                            $90
  • Ventisit comfort seat cushion                $95
  • 90mm Sturmey Archer Drums               $80
  • Terracycle Sport Idler                           $70
  • Convenience Handle (Tail Mounted)     $95
  • Paul's Thumbies (Dura Ace Shifters)     $165
  • Radical Design Storage Bag          $110
  • Flevobike Roof                              $365
  • Zotefoam cockpit comfort liner     $90
  • Accessory light mount                   $35
  • Trailer hitch mount                       $95
  • Schlumpf Mountain Drive             $785
  • Carbon body upgrade                   $1,950
  • Shipping crate                              $295


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